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Music Tells A Story

An instantly recognizable flow paired with cerebral, thought-provoking wordplay build the foundations for a great rapper. Add an effortless ability to freestyle to the mix and the result is an artist who goes by the alias DC Wave.


Hailing from New Orleans, his Hip-Hop sound was birthed from the very town that raised him. The ethos of his music now reflects the backdrop which has shaped his sound, echoing influences by big-name Hip-Hop and Rap artists such as Jay Z, Solja Slim , Nas and Drake.


Rapping about his own life and the events that unfold around him, DC Wave is utilizing his lifelong experience in freestyling to develop his own future and lifelong career as a rapper. His deeply sewn love for music is evident in his “tourettes-like” relationship with Hip-Hop, with it being nearly impossible to hear a beat without spitting his lyrics over it.


DC Wave released "Time Will Tell EP" in April of 2021.It highlight exactly why the up and coming rapper will be a force to be reckoned with in 2022 and beyond.

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